What You Have to Know Before Visit China

What you have to know before visit China?

Tips Before Visit China

visit china – Chinese civilization is one of the oldest civilization of the world. With 1.3 billion people, is currently the most populous country.
The country has an area equivalent to that of the United States.

Seasons from

It is recommended to go to China in the fall or spring. In autumn, we find the most pleasant temperatures and the rainy season is almost over.
Spring is also a great season for the cherry trees are in bloom.

Do not go to China during Chinese holidays, the first week of October and the first week of May: the sights, hotels and transport are crowded. The price multiplied by 2.

In summer (May to August), the weather is hot and humid and it is the rainy season. Hong Kong is one of the most affected cities.


Strong economic growth in China in recent years has had an impact on prices. The price of accommodation, transport and food rose at the same time as economic power.

Hong Kong is the most expensive city, prices correspond to the prices in European capitals and major US cities. Followed by Beijing and Shanghai. The more you go west the prices are low.
All tourist attractions are paying. An average budget for travel to China would be about 400 yuan a day.


A visa is required to enter the Chinese territory. The tourist visa is valid for 30 days, renewable once.

Transport network

The Chinese have invested heavily in transport, including fast trains. Highly developed throughout the country, the train is also a very economical means of transportation.

The plane: you can reach the main tourist destinations by plane but beware some lines are charged at international rate.
The car: not advisable to drive in Chine.On finds one of the highest death rates in the world and a total lack of English signs.


Public health problem, pollution in Beijing is very important, and in many big cities of the north and center.


The Great Wall, the army of Emperor Qin, the Forbidden City, Shanghai, Guilin.